Pietro Massa's Cooperation with DeutschlandRadio

The cooperation between DeutschlandRadio Kultur, the Label Myricae Classics and Naxos U.S.A. is supporting Pietro Massa for the realization of several CD-recordings dedicated to the Italian Piano Repertoire.

Today, the music market is showing a strong tendency towards the homogenization of the range of culture on offer. As a consequence, the works of many composers are hardly performed, even though they hold a significant position in the development of the history of music.

The project would like to focus on these rarities, which would otherwise remain undiscovered, and thus contribute to their historical contextualization.

In 2016, four recordings realized with the Neubrandenburger Philharmonic will be released:

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with Male Choir in C Major Op. 39

Symphony in d Minor No. 1 and Piano Concerto in D minor Op. 40

Piano Concerto in A minor (1902) and Toccata for Piano and Orchestra

Divertimento "Scarlattiana" (Hommage to Domenico Scarlatti) and Solo Piano Works

Naxos U.S.A. in Cooperation with I-Tunes, MP3-Amazon und Spotify enables the Digital Distribution worldwide.

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A newspaper article by Ralf Schönball
(Der Tagesspiegel, 30th of January 2015)

"The Steinway piano, the concert pianist Pietro Massa has bought from the Berliner Philharmoniker, comes in his new loft on the Friedrichstrasse. The most part of 120 square meters, which he will apply in front of the Jewish Museum, is for his agency office Massa Koncertmanagement GmbH. Pietro will live in the southern Friedrichstrasse also, but in a small space. More is not allowed, because the project "Frizz23" must offer one thing in particular: production space for creative people from the bustling scene.

Because with this concept the cooperative won a few days ago the bid for the 2.400-square-meters plot in a spectacular award decision. The 2.4 million euros that Berlin receives from the cooperative were not the maximum possible revenue for the state coffers. Half a million euros more would be transferred to the winning bidder. But the plot seller, the state-owned "Berlin Wholesale Market", decided against the developer of - felt - hundreds block with hip luxury apartments - and in favor of an alternative concept.

Now, they have to get serious, the survival artists who created from the wastelands, ruins and niches of the city the myth of unfinished metropolis: Matthew Griffin, the Canadian who has lived for 22 years in Berlin and who has already built with his wife Britta Jürgens an architectural firm with an attached guest house, the "minilofts". Another piece of this "homemade city" of Berlin's residents, he says, will now occur on the Friedrichstrasse: writers, painters, graphic artists and designers, who get away from home with the scurrying children and need peace for their work, have joined as companions.

For years, the developers of the project had to talk and to write, must convince - because everyone could express his opinions and concerns in the previous "discursive process": from the neighborhood, the politics and the creative scene. Perhaps, this land allocation, in which not the price, but the concept was the decisive factor, will become the prime example of the long-awaited and politically agreed "New Property Concept" of the Berlin Senate.

Also a roof terrace is planned and a small market hall and a cafe on the ground floor of the lodging. And if the Bessel Park is once created, then a beautiful new piece of old Kruezberg will occur here".

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